About Us

Established in Singapore in 1983, Crosstitch Apparel Pte Ltd specialized in product and line development for major department stores in Singapore.

In 1997, after having gathered much valuable industry knowledge and experience, we diversified into the development and marketing of our own line of young contemporary fashion label Yin & Yang.

Following the success of the launch of the Yin & Yang label, we further identified a niche adult market segment. A new label Eden was created in 1999 to cater to the adult casual market.

Building on that growth, Esensual was founded in 2001 to cater to the needs of the career woman looking for a fresh and update look.

Bliss, essentially catered for the young executive was launched exclusively in Malaysia in 2005.

The entire business development process from the drawing board, to the manufacturing, merchandising, retail and marketing of Yin & Yang, Eden, Esensual, Potpourri and Bliss are carried out by our dedicated support team. It is our company policy that only the highest quality products are made for our customers at all times.